The Chinese calligraphy for "Qi" is often translated as "energy" or "lifeforce." The literal translation for the character represents "steam from a rice-pot cooking."

Qi Gardener

Peter Doyle is an accomplished practitioner of chi- cultivation and the martial arts. He has studied for over 25 years in many different styles and systems including the Dao Yin & Ba Duan Jin (Eight Brocade) Chigong, Shoinryu, Kempo, Tai Chi Chuan, Dimmak and others. He counts among his teachers, Yang Ming, Thomas Tam, Elliot Zgodny, Peter Van Westering, Ansei Ueshiro, Robert Scaglione, Mark Kline, The Machado Brothers, Erle Montaigue and many other dedicated "qi-gardeners." Regardless of the system the various paths all embody the Dao. It's not so important which path, but the will and dedication to continue to grow.

Look at the plants above. The life-force is strong and clear. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice. Next time you're in nature, meditate on the energy surrounding you. Feel it and use it.

A Qi Gardener is often a Daoist or Qi Gong adept that can channel energy. Healers are charged with awakening and supplementing this. It is vital that these healers recharge and maintain their own reserves. Without adequate reserves we cannot help ourselves, much less others. Here's some ways to recharge: